Accountability Program

Message #1 to Participants of 21 Days of Accountability


Welcome to this 21 day adventure in accountability! I’m thrilled about beginning 2009 with you, creating a powerful new success habit. (It takes 21 days to create a habit, remember)

If you haven’t read the introduction at the event page, please do so as participation in this event is an opportunity that should not be wasted.
There are 7 actions you’re asked to commit to…by saying ‘yes’ to my invitation, I will assume you’re committed to those actions. (by clicking on the name of the event – 21 Days of Accountability – above, you’ll get to the event page)

Please read these guidelines before agreeing to be an accountability partner…VERY important if you’d like to perform at your highest and best.

►►►Guidelines – for Accountability Partners

Also, this post on accountability is an important backdrop, please read if you haven’t already (posted on event wall)

►►► #1 Key to Success

I’ll be back in touch with assigned partners – for those folks who requested it, as well as the forgiveness daily ritual mentioned in the intro at event page.

From the comments and messages I’ve received, this is one pumped up group! I’m so excited to be your guide, please share with each other at the event wall or at the blog site, be in touch with each other and generally maintain the enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

Creating a new habit – especially this one – is challenging. So let’s do what we can to help each other through the process. If every body is concerned with someone else, we all get taken care of! 🙂

I’ll be in touch!

To your success,

Message #2 to Participants of 21 Days of Accountability

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are ready to go!

For best results, by now you have:

  • Agreed to the Accountability Guidelines
  • Secured an accountability partner AND made arrangements for regular check-ins
  • Fine tuned your daily action items to be as specific as possible
  • Read additional background information I sent (event page info and blog entry on accountability)

Now here’ one more thing:

…the Forgiveness Ritual … please review and use daily.

find it here

Have fun with this process, stay in touch and no matter what, be accountable for 21 days straight! (((((SO EXCITED))))))

Wishing you Abundant Success,