21 Days of Accountability to Create a Habit of Success

If you have a goal in mind and it requires daily action,  accountability is your best and most powerful guide.

For any society to function and for any person to perform at their highest and best accountability is key.

Think of all the ways you are accountable each day – you speed or break a law, you will have a consequence if caught, and even if not caught, there is the consequence of  possible guilt; you leave late for an appointment, you will be late; you behave a certain way, you get a particular response – most of the time!  We couldn’t exist without accountability.

Also, in creating new habits, we’re going ‘against the grain.’  As humans we don’t gravitate easily towards change.

Accountability – basically being responsible for your actions (or no actions) – makes daily commitments more likely to be acted upon.  Support groups are effective to the extent that accountability is part of the expectations.

I know from personal experience of having  a coach/accountability partner, I get more done, more consistently when I have to report in to someone at a specific time, on a regular basis!   From professional experience as an executive coach, without a doubt accountability works every time.

In this 21 Days of Accountability ‘event’  we will make use of two accountability methods: partnering (being accountable to someone else) and journaling (being accountable to yourself.)

To be an effective source of motivation, an accountability partner must adhere to certain  guidelines.

Basic Guidelines of Accountability:

  • An attitude of Service:  to be a great accountability partner, you have to want to do it;  a desire to be of service is a key ingredient.   Wanting the very best for your partner is essential.  Wanting to do everything you can to help them stay on task is equally important.  Your partner will respond at a higher level if they’re motivated by your genuine interest and desire to see them succeed.
  • NON-JUDGMENT: No matter what goes on with daily action items, it is not our role as an accountability partner to make any judgments about why something wasn’t done, or about our partner.  Think of being judged – TOTALLY demotivating!
  • Consistency: Stick to the agreements of the partnership.  If you agree that you will be in touch with your accountability partner to give an update – do so.  And if you don’t  hear from your partner, reach out to them.  Create an agreement about what the ‘consequence’ will be if action is not taken as committed.  And what ever is agreed to should be invoked.  Hold your partner accountable!  This is the whole point.

Some additional and necessary characteristics of an excellent accountability partner for this program:

  • Integrity (confidentiality is crucial)
  • Curiosity and interest in meeting new people
  • Commitment to self-improvement (your own and others’ too)
  • Excellent ‘listening’ skills

I strongly recommend that you adhere to these guidelines and come to an agreement with your accountability partner about:

  • Frequency of contact – each person is responsible for checking in with their partner
  • Clarity on daily actions committed to
  • Consequences for IF action is not taken
  • Reward for when you’ve successfully created your new powerful success habit! (and for along the way as well)

About Accountability to YOURSELF:

On a daily basis – for 21 days straight, I highly recommend that you write in an accountability journal about your day.  Write what was accomplished, what wasn’t and why.

This can be very brief – the point is to MAKE yourself write it out so you can hold yourself accountable.  You will become less guilty as well.

You’ll also have an opportunity to give positive self-feedback on a regular basis; this helps with maintaining the high level of motivation needed to be successful.

As you  build the powerful habit of accountability, you have to have a laser like focus on taking deliberate daily action towards this end.  Being single minded about writing, checking in and taking action on your goal is imperative.

If you are NOT coachable in this regard, you will not have much success with creating this new habit.

Have fun with this process, if you slip up, dust off and jump back in.  It’s the only way! 🙂

Wishing you abundant success,




5 Responses

  1. Sounds great! Let’s rock and roll!

  2. Got it! Working out a few more things for this event and awaiting my partner.

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