The #1 Key to Success in Creating a New Habit


Think of all the times you have made up your mind to create a new habit, or do a new thing. Quickly, get a vision, without much thought.

Got that storyline in mind?

Now imagine a quilt, representing the totality of your efforts at starting   new thing things.

Can you see the sweep of  tapestry created by all these  various efforts and attempts?

Is the quilt a lovely quilt?  All squares joined up beautifully?

Or, are there holes in your quilt representing those projects not completed, those habits not created? Lots of holes or just a few?

What is the reason – no I don’t mean what ‘happened’ to stop your progress and produce these holes.

I mean, what is the REASON your projects stopped before they ended and your habits never quite got formed?

What is it about YOU and your approach to life – work and play- that produced these  results?

Stay here with me.  Don’t get all caught up in self recriminations.  No time for beating up and indulgent pity parties.

Think clearly – as if you’re thinking about a friend’s life.  What’s one thing about how you approach new projects or habits that could explain the holes in your quilt?

Consider this:               A  C  C  O  U  N  T  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y

Is this the possible explanation for all the starts and stops?

Were you accountbale to yourself or to someone else?

Would that have made a difference in your outcomes?

Being accountable is a cornerstone of successful action.  Completing a project or creating new habits is practically impossible without it.

Taking consistent action is how habits are created.  Discipline is required to take consistent action.  Discipline is automatic accountability. It’s a habit of accountability.

So, if we work on developing the habit of  accountability, we will become a disciplined person.  Then, creating new habits can happen at at will.

How do you build the accountability habit?  Start small.  Find something to do for 21 days straight and do not let yourself off the hook if you slip up.  Have a consequence (equally small) ready and waiting and be sure to implement.

Try this and let me know how it goes.

Reach me at: @JuletteMillien

And please, leave a comment here with your intention – there’s nothing like going public! 🙂

Wishing you Abundant Success,



4 Responses

  1. This will make the difference between making yet another new year’s resolution and actually getting something done! It’s one thing to resolve to make a change but once we have someone to report to the likelihood of honoring the commitment is dramatically improved. What a great idea.

  2. Great words on accountability and discipline. I have revisited a few things in my 2008 year and know that this is exactly true. Things I did not accomplish or left half done is in part due to accountability. I look forward to making changes that will get us all where we want to go and accomplish more in 2009!

  3. Peace and Happy New Year.. First let me start by saying thank you for the wonderful invitation you have bestowed upon me.. I’ve really been feeling the need to improve my life and your 1st step (forgiveness) is a wonderful 1st step.. I do have a lot of baggage I’ve been carrying around since my childhood and I know that guilt is keeping me from truley enjoying my life. It’s time time to lighten my load.. This technique you have provided seems to be very easy, practical and achievable.. Jan 1, 2009 is the beginning of a new and better Hakim Green..

  4. Thanks Chris!

    Nakeva – Your support means so much – and thanks for taking it that extra step the way you always do! I have to check out that site you set up for us to share – you’re really a super team player and I so appreciate you!

    And my brother Hakim – I always knew you resonated with me for a reason! 🙂 It is surely time to lighten that load!!
    Let me know how it goes. Releasing those childhood pains and hurts can be so challenging – believe me I know.
    So stay connected.

    Love and Light to you,

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