Kindness Pays – 14 Simple Acts

How much time do you spend in the workplace, on your business or at school?  I bet it’s significant!

So how about spreading some kindness in that environment?

You will increase the sense of well-being for everyone.   Research shows that by doing, receiving AND observing kindness, we create positive feelings and improve our health!  Kindness is healthy and contagious!

The kinder your environment, the better the interactions and healthier the connections.

Staff, clients and colleagues will give more of their time, their commitment and their creativity.

Kindness pays in business…even Donald Trump honors this principle.  See here.

Don’t let this be the motivation though – let profit  be a natural outcome of something genuine.

Manipulation is not kindness.

Here are some suggestions for acts of kindness in the workplace:

  1. Write letters of appreciation to staff, colleagues, managers, clients
  2. Deliver INSPIRED customer service…find ways to WOW them
  3. Organize your work space, offer to help a colleague
  4. Offer to assist a colleague with a project, esp if you enjoy the work and they don’t
  5. Stop and have a sincere conversation with the support staff if you are management and management if you are not
  6. Tell your manager or professor what they do really well
  7. Tell your staff how much you appreciate their efforts
  8. Take your best client(s) to lunch
  9. FORGIVE your colleagues or supervisors or clients or teachers for something that’s been bothering you for months or years. (this is kindness towards YOU too)
  10. Brighten work space with flowers, plants or pictures
  11. Pick up some rubbish/trash around your workplace (inside or outside)
  12. Compliment a work colleague for their excellence (one you don’t have the best relationship with)
  13. Recommend a competitor to a potential client
  14. Give another driver your parking spot in the company garage

It’s right to be kind, it improves your health and well-being AND it happens to make great business sense at the same time.  How perfect is that?

Remember, have FUN with this.  If it’s not coming from the heart, it’s not kindness 🙂




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