The List – Acts of Kindness in Relationship Venue

Do you remember … the  5 Vital Venus of life?  Self; Home; Relationships; Work/business/school;  Community/POW (place of worship)

Here are some suggestions for  the Relationship Venue – Do something kind and loving for family members and friends, today.

  1. Make breakfast in bed for loved one
  2. Phone call to family member, to say ‘i love you’
  3. Write a letter/card to friend, family expressing sincere care, concern, admiration…
  4. A long walk with child, or a bike ride
  5. Visit sick family member or friend in hospital or at home
  6. Help a neighbor with yard work, garbage disposal, or with a house plant
  7. Compliment a child – sincerely and substantively
  8. Help a child with homework
  9. Give your partner  or your child 30 minutes of dedicated listening time
  10. Leave love notes in lunchboxes and book bags and briefcases and handbags
  11. Send a financial gift to someone who needs it, unexpectedly and even anonymously
  12. Send a thank-you note to a friend or family – for doing what they always do
  13. Share a funny story or cartoon with someone who needs a laugh
  14. Get family members, staff or friends to sign a card with love notes for someone
  15. Buy an inspirational book for a friend
  16. Tell ALL your family members how much you appreciate the
  17. Call and visit the senior members of your family

Have fun with these, do as many as you can and watch how your heart swells with joy.

This 21 Days of Kindness event has been a magical experience – today is day 19.  I URGE you, if you haven’t fully committed to daily acts of kindness yet, it’s NEVER too late.  Never, ever too late.

Kindness is a powerful way to BE the change we wish to see in the world… one interpretation of Gandhi’s profound quote.

In Light and With MUCH Love,


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