It’s World Kindness Day! LOOK for ways to be kind!

Today is the 13th day of our 21 Days of Kindness event.  1500+ have signed on to this event.  Interest from as far away as India – Radioone in Mumbia has contacted us,  (Malini Agarwal , a 21 Days of Kindness participant and Facebook friend) to help in spreading the kindness bug.  It is contagious you know 🙂 .

It is VERY exciting, this adventure of kindness.

On of our first signups was Nakeva N. Corothers ( follow her on Twitter .)  With great enthusiasm she wrote a blog entry endorsing the event – without being asked!  Too cool.

Nakeva was in touch the other day, sharing her acts of kindness with us, she listed some here. In an email to me she said “I find I’m looking for opportunities every day to be kind and remind others to do the same. ”  That struck me as the basis for a truth that gets ignored often…(isn’t it something how the most truthful ‘truths’ are hardest to remember, most times? )

By looking for ways to be kind, you will end up being more kind. It’s that simple.  If we approach each day knowing we have to find a way today, to be kind in a specific way, we will be aware and senses will be heightened for kindness opportunities.   Seek and ye shall find.

Quick experiment:  Look around the room you’re in, right now.  Quick look.  Now close your eyes and try to remember how much brown – the color brown – you saw.  Now open your eyes and see how much brown you see now, now that you’re looking for it.  Are you seeing more brown?  Chances are you are.

That’s because when you know what you’re looking for, you are more apt to find it. Simple.

Anyway, in honor of World Kindness Day I’d like to celebrate Nakeva, Malini – who has a group dedicated to good deeds on Facebook, by the way, and ALL of you wonderful participants of 21 Days of Kindness.

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to go beyond our borders – personal, national, cultural.   Honoring all of you from all over the world, seems perfect to me.  I urge you to look for kindness, beyond your comfort zone, beyond your circles of comfort.

There you will find a miracle.

You are beautiful people with loving spirits. I’m honored to be your friend.  You could have easily ignored this invitation but you didn’t.  That moment of choice when you clicked ‘Yes’ was a divine moment and spoke volumes about your heart.

Thank You so much for caring.

With Love,




One Response

  1. Thank you so much for your kindness to mention me in your blog. I had fun with the mini experiment looking for brown, haha. It is amazing what you find when you actively seek out something positive with pureness and kindness in your heart and mind. The energy is returned to you.

    We still have a few more days remaining in this event, but it has started something for me that will last longer.

    Best of Life to you Julette, and all the other 1500+ participants!

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