21 Days of Kindness

When I thought about a habit that I would just LOVE everyone to have, my mind went immediately to KINDNESS.

Just imagine, what would your day be like if you had, say 50% more simple kindness in your life.  Even 10% more kindness would have a tremendous impact, right?

Small acts of kindness are so powerful.  You know this.

From a door held open, to a smile – one of those eyes connecting smiles with a stranger, to a deep unexpected hug for a child who needs one (and who doesn’t?) to a phone call to an elder to just say “hi.”

There are as many examples as there are moments.

Here’s some fascinating information on the power of kindness and its  impact on our immune system.

So…after thinking that kindness would be a pretty great habit for folks to have, I wondered how to get that to happen.  How do you get people to be kind?  Not too easy.

Then my favorite quote popped into to my head – Be the change you wish to see in the world.   Mahatma Gandhi.  What a profound human being!

Be the change.  Be kind, more kind, deliberately kind, consciously kind.    Simply kind.  And since I’m passionate about creating powerful success habits, the next thought was expected.

How about I create an opportunity for 1000 people to join forces and commit to 21 days of kindness? If 1000 of us commit to BEing the change in our own worlds, how powerful will that be?   With 1000 acts of kindness, how many people can we impact?  And how many people can they then impact?  Because, you do know  kindness is contagious, right?

Just imagine the impact of this contagious behavior on a family unit, then on a neighborhood.  Extend that vision to a town or a spiritual community – a church family for instance.  We can have tremendous impact on the world with simple acts of kindness.

From a perspective of kindness, we will develop the mindset of cooperation, creative problem solving and  love of diversity.  We will be more equipped for the challenges we face.

Social networks are ideally suited to this program.

So let’s begin our 21 Days of Kindness.  Just sign on.  If you’re a member of Facebook join the group/event.  If not, just leave a comment here, so we can keep count of our efforts.  100 participants is the goal.

No rules and no real guidelines…just be kind at least once a day to somebody.  Feel free to send messages, post pictures, videos and links to enhance our experience at the group page.  Discussions would be wonderful to motivate and inspire each other.

The single most important commitment though is to do something kind for somebody each and every day for 21 days straight.  At the end of 21 days you will have a powerful, life changing, world impacting new or improved habit to pass on to someone else.

Day 1 will be Saturday November 1st. Until then, practice :-).

I’ll start a list here of some sample acts of kindness, just to get your creative kindness juices flowing.

Please add more…the more the merrier, and the kinder we will be. ♫♫♫

Simple Acts of Kindness…just some samples

  1. Smile – sincere
  2. Holding doors
  3. Carrying bags for elders
  4. Breakfast in bed for loved one
  5. Phone call to family member
  6. Letter/card to friend, family expressing sincere care, concern, admiration, etc
  7. Offer to clean a space for an overworked Mom or busy teenager
  8. Flowers – unexpected
  9. A long walk with child, or a bike ride
  10. A kiss on forehead, just because
  11. Visit the sick in hospital
  12. Volunteer at shelter or community center
  13. Volunteer at Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc
  14. Compliment a child – sincerely and substantively
  15. Help a child with homework
  16. Discuss or Listen (even better) to a child
  17. Give your partner 30 minutes of dedicated listening time
  18. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant – on stealth mode
  19. Send a financial gift to someone who needs it, unexpectedly and even anonymously
  20. Leave love notes in lunchboxes and book bags and briefcases and handbags
  21. Sending focused positive energy to someone
  22. Get family members, staff or friends to sign a card with love notes for someone
  23. Share a funny story or cartoon with someone who needs a laugh
  24. Send a thank-you note to a friend or family – for doing what they always do

Please add more…

Let’s have some fun and Be the  kindness we wish to see in our world.

Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love,




2 Responses

  1. I think this has been a fun experience so far. I did not see anyone posting their experience on the group or the invite, so I will post my update here, knowing that in itself is a small act of kindness by paying respect to your blog.

    Since Nov 1st, I have done several things to express kindness that includes:

    * Blogging about this “event” to use my skill and help reach others.

    * Call my mother out of the blue and just say “I Love You’, then hang up

    * Allow an elderly person ahead of me in a long line waiting to vote

    * Hug and thank the kids and specifically tell them what I appreciate about their good behavior or kid expertise

    * Research information and offer to provide my event management services to a friend at no charge because its related to a family member’s illness

    * Call a client at home and offer to make various calls and get them an answer to their issue while they were unable to think in the normal capacity

    * Open and hold the door and elevator at the metro station

    * Only take one copy of a highly desired object/product rather than take many and proceed to charge more

    * Send random text messages to friends I have not spoken with in a while to say I care

    * Give up a parking spot in rush hour metro parking to people clearly not from the city

    * Compliment a stranger on a nice suit or outfit when I normally just appreciate it from afar

    * Get the check at lunch or dinner without anyone ever seeing the check make it to the table

    * Buy two ice creams and surprise a random friend saying, “Its better when you share it.”

    * Calm the child of a stranger on the train with distracting faces and laughs to ease the frustration for a moment

    * Send birthday cards and wishes 2 – 3 days earlier than I usually do

    * Actually say “Thanks” and “You’re Welcome” more often than not in any situation

    * Make music CDs for friends to make them feel better and control their own moods

    * Lend out my copy of “The Secret” to a friend going through a hard time and have no expectation of it being returned, just get the message

    And then some…

    We are now half way to the goal of 21 days of kindness and so far this has been an inspiring experience.

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