“Power Up” to Your New Success Habit

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in my development in a conscious and deliberate way.

I guess that’s a good thing.  It could be a drag at times, believe me.

But as a result of these decades of helping myself and others to change, grow and evolve, I have tried some pretty interesting programs and initiatives.

The latest one combines several such programs and it’s called POWER UP.

I can’t even tell you, mere words can’t capture the excitement in these fingers and in my heart right now!!

This is so cool.  It’s perfect.  I’ve done versions of this and it is POWERFUL.

POWER UP is all about starting you day..getting up, if you will… with *** P O W E R.***

Let me ask you, what’s the most important hour of your day?  And don’t tell me anything about night person, afternoon person and all that stuff!

Just tell me which hour of the day do you think is most important?

Hope you said the first one.  Then I don’t have to convince!

It’s really simple,  the first hour of the day, your first conscious moments CAN (and often DO) determine the rest of your day.  Of course you ALWAYS have the ability to turn things around…but it will take some serious effort.

Start the day with an hour of power and you will continue on that trajectory – it’s a law of physics as well.  Takes more energy to change directions than to keep on the same path.

Also, as creatures of habit , we respond with heightened excitement when we begin the day with a predictably powerful hour.

So here are the details of the Power Up Program.  Seven Powerful Steps!

For the first hour of the day we have decided at our household to do the following: (you can create your own version of this morning ritual, these are the steps that work for us)

  1. Awake with GRATITUDE – as eyes open say a verbal ‘thank you God”
  2. Drink a glass of water immediately – 1 minute
  3. Gather and pray – 2 minutes
  4. Meditate, Silent time together – 2 minutes
  5. Workout – 20 minutes –
  6. Read – Bible and /or selected spiritual passage – 15 minutes
  7. Eat a good breakfast – 20 minutes – [Talk while we eat – positive, supportive, LOVE talk (NOT an opportunity to scold)]

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. To begin the day with gratitude is smart and right.  We’re grateful for life, for another day, for yesterday and the more we are aware of this gratitude, the more we will pull into our life those things we honor with our gratitude. With a gracious disposition, we will be sowing what we would like to reap.

2.  HYDRATE – first thing! The body has been without water for many hours, it needs it. The digestive system will be thrilled.  All functions will operate so much more smoothly!

3.  Pray – it’s what we do to remain connected to source.  Adjust this to do whatever you do to remain centered and connected.

4.  Meditate – whereas praying is us talking to God, meditating – just being silent in the present moment, without even thoughts to distract, permits us to hear back from God.

5.  Workout – for all the obvious reasons.  We well add longevity and quality to our health, the boys will work off some of their play energy so they can really focus on learning later.

6.  Read – The mind is funny this way.  It tends to go with what its given.  So if you feed it the information you want it to process and apply…it’ll do it!  First thing in the morning is an excellent time to give the mind and soul the specific information that will send empowering signals to your emotions.  If you don’t, someone one else will fill it with the first thoughts, images and emotions of the day.   The first hour is the formative power hour, remember.  Would you prefer being in charge of that vital function,  – mind control – or  have TV, radio, other people take control?

7.  Eat research shows that starting the day with a good healthy breakfast, sets us up for better eating habits the rest of the day and provides the needed fuel for life on the fast lane!  Talk while you eat if you’re doing this with family.  We want our children to be filled with our love messages first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, at the very least.  There are so many other conflicting messages in their world, we had better be competing smart.

So that’s it, the Power Up Program. (PUP)

Try it with us…we’ll be reporting back to you 🙂

Oh and by the way, we’re doing this for 21 days straight, starting Monday October 13th.  Join us.

We expect it to be miraculous in its impact!

What changes would you make to the PUP?

Have you tried something like this and what were the results?

What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of the program?

Contact me and let me know if you’re joining the POWER UP Program to create a set of powerful new success habits.

Believe me you will be stunned at the life changing impact.  Whatever you’re imagining, times it by a 100!

(Oh…the “we” in my family: husband and two sons 16 and 13 – 20 yr old daughter misses out as she’s not at home!)

Have fun!

Julette Millien



5 Responses

  1. Great tips Juliette. The first 60-minutes of the day are critical. They set the tone for the rest of the day.

    Get that 1st hour right, and day flows better. Get 1st hour wrong (by reading/watching news, jumping on email, etc.) you’re fighting uphill the rest of the day.

    I workout later in the day, and I spend more time reading positive books in the AM, at least 30-min. (biz/marketing books read later in the day.)

    I also spend 10-min on eye exercises and speed reading enhancement during the 60-min. http://www.eyeqadvantage.com/ is a great program I use for that.

  2. This is BRILLIANT! A perfect approach to strengthen families and individuals in troubled times. Simple yet profoundly powerful in its approach to positively impacting all the important areas of life. A real stress reducer. Well done!

  3. Even though I already have morning habits, some of which you have listed, I’m willing to try the 7 specific steps in the order you have outline. I’m starting early Monday morning (wake-up time 4:45am) which is the only time the house is quiet!

  4. Seven POWERFUL steps indeed! I practice most of these habits already but I’m in the process of refining my personal success program.

    I drink warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice about 15 minutes before I eat breakfast. This is a gentle way to cleanse and hydrate the system.

    I tend not to exercise first thing in the morning except when I’m in Barbados. Then I’m up at sunrise and walking along the beach. If I’m in the mood I’ll do Pilates as well.

    I’m a qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor & I teach classes most days. So I prefer working out later in the day.

    Instead of reading I’ll often listen to educational or inspirational audio first thing in the morning.

    Practicing these habits is an excellent way to centre yourself and to create a strong foundation with which to face the day.

  5. JP — thanks for those links — esp eye exercise – Love it! Will check it out for sure.

    Colette – 4:45…hmmm I’m working on 5:30! 🙂 Thanks so much for inspiration. Glad to know my friends are on board.

    Nickolove — LOVE the warm water w/lemon. I’ve done this in lieu of tea in the past…but first thing in the morning is a very good idea.
    Yes, we’re finding that the morning workout has to be brief – and can only be done on the days when the gym is out.

    I wish I taught classes 🙂 that would ensure it getting done! Such a challenge to fit it in sometimes.

    Did you say Barbados?? From there? I love Barbados…practically lived there in the late 80’s.

    Thanks so much for helpful tips and encouragement!

    Will be updating on progress later.

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