With Service, Who Should We Help First?

…For life to be truly balanced it has to have a ‘reach out’ component.  It can’t be all about you, your family and the business.  Giving something back to the community is crucial.  Service is actually one of the essential habits of prosperity.  Fellow-shipping with fellow church members, with neighbors and the business community is a vital part of success.  And not just for the socializing piece either.  We have to be part of or lead programs that help other people who are not as fortunate as we are.   We all live in a community and we have a responsibility to be a player, active in some aspect of that community’s well being.  Being on the sidelines is not an option.

Above is an extract from the conceptual framework of our Success Habits in 21 Days Program.  I firmly believe that success is not success without service.

Today is Dr. Mani’s Tweetathon on Twitter.com/tweet_a_thon where he is tweeting for 24 hours straight to bring awareness to congenital heart disease. He’s raising $36,000 to fund 12 heart operations.  He is a heart surgeon, by the way.

I got to thinking about a response I received from realmatrix – “we must do a better job @ REALLY helping people in our own Hemisphere…it will do much too repair our damaged global image…”

As I worked out today, his concern lingered in my spirit.  It’s something we’ve talked about here with friends and family again and again.

Is it appropriate for our nation to run around the globe helping people with their economic or even political development when people right here in the US are not having basic needs met?

Likewise, is it OK for a Pastor/Priest/Rabbi  to tend to his flock but not to his family? ( have witnessed this many times!)  On a family level, I find it so sad that our boys tend to treat their friends better than they do each other.  So sad to me.

Here’s how I think about it.  Integrity is everything.  Doing some, even a lot of good deeds all over the place may help some people but it won’t have the lasting, life- changing, legacy building kind of impact we seek IF the activities are not coming from true compassion.

Benefit to recipients is maximized when the energy of sincerity is behind a good deed.   Just think about how you respond when someone helps you with true compassion versus help that comes from insincerity or  obligation.  Big difference, right?

If the compassion is real, the people right next to you will be attended to first, or on the basis of  priority (based on a real assessment of urgency.) If the compassion is real, you won’t need to second guess yourself.  No one will be able to honestly question your motives.

But a sure sign that either priorities are skewed or the compassion is insincere is taking care of the world when our own people are suffering.  Or, tending to the flock when your own child needs you.  That’s just not right. It’s expedient, political, “good” business and Oh so transparent!

Like a pebble rippling on the surface of a pond, with tiny circles expanding outward, start your commitment to service on the home front. Then move outward as resources – time, energy, money and manpower permit.

My Mother always taught us that “charity begins at home.”   She was right. Real service begins at home.

It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. Mother Teresa

As we create new success habits, let’s be sure to think about and build the essential skill sets that support and maintain success: organization, goal-setting/gratitude, communication, continuous learning and SERVICE.

Tomorrow is the 9th day of our program – a good time to be in touch with your accountability partner.

Wishing you Abundant Success,




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