Do You Have What it Takes to Create Your New Success Habit?

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21 Day #12

Well  ♫♫♫ Happy 12th day of your life-changing 21 days, to YOU!☺♫♫♫

There is more time behind you than there is ahead of you with this project! That’s VERY encouraging, isn’t it?

This is part 2 of yesterday’s post, which was a review of the introductory blog post for this program.

In creating your new powerful success habits, you will need to rely on some essential, foundational skills of success. Yesterday you read (hopefully NOT for the first time) about organization and goal-setting. I challenge you to think about a ‘thing’ you can accomplish without these two skills. Of course a disorganized, non-goal-setting person can accomplish many things as one-time events. But consider how likely sustained accomplishment could be without organization and SMART planning. Not much at all.

So here are the remaining 3 Essential Skills of Success:

Communication – 1) It’s hugely important for you to TALK to yourself in positive, affirming ways. This program simply will not work without it! (several posts here) 2) Communicating with your accountability partner when expected and at a certain level of encouragement is crucial. 3) Speaking about what you’re doing, your work or whatever else you speak about to people and in public with clarity and confidence – another imperative. 4) Facing up to and handling challenging situations keeps you ‘unclogged.’ 5) And of course being on top of regular correspondence keeps you connected and even comforted.

Service – For life to be truly balanced it has to have a ‘reach out’ component.  It can’t be all about you, your family and the business.  Giving something back to the community is crucial.  What is prosperity without service? If you belong to a church, fellowshipping with fellow members, with neighbors and with the business community is a vital part of success.  And not just for the socializing piece either.  We have to be part of or lead programs that help other people who are not as fortunate as we are.   We all live in a community and we have a responsibility to be a player, active in some aspect of that community’s well being.  Being on the sidelines is not an option.

Continuous Learning – Have to have a habit of learning and growing BUT you also have to acknowledge what you already know and not succumb to being the perpetual student of the same subject!

Core Mindset of Success:  Forgiveness.

This is huge!  I used to think of forgiveness as an essential habit of success, of life in general….but I had to pull it out and give it a special place in the conceptual framework of my offerings.

Forgiveness is a required and core mindset for success. You have to live in such a way that you are free to create, to produce and to receive the blessings or your magnificent purpose.  The only way to do this is with a forgiving mindset and heart.  Extra baggage is not smart. I wrote a blog on Forgiveness and Getting Work Done; I suggest you take a look.

See blog post here:

Until Tomorrow!

To Our Success,   (ONLY 9 days to go !!! ☺☺☺)



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