Can you Create a New Habit WITHOUT Organization and Goal-Setting Skills?

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day #11

I was thinking this morning about the information age and how wonderful it is to have all we need at our fingertips!  Then my mind wondered to the many tagged, saved and stored reports, links and books that I have not gotten to as yet.!!

Can you relate to this?

Well with that in mind, I decided that I really don’t want to add to your possibly over stocked “to read” list.

So I’m adding nothing new to this post today.  Instead I will repeat a part of the introduction that is foundational.  If you haven’t read this section on essential habits or thought about it lately, I highly recommend that you do.

In creating a new success habit, a lot of discipline is required.  Commitment to doing things in a different way than your norm is required.

So, this is what I suggest for the weekend:

Review this list of Essential Habits of Success and determine how you can make some adjustments moving forward in this program.

Are you aware of these habits in your daily life?

Can you see how and why they are necessary?  (contact me with feedback or leave a comment here if you do or you don’t)

Here they are again.

Five Essential Habits of Success:

Organization – order is essential for success.  Your home, office, car, closet, handbag, briefcase, drawers, kitchen, ALL of it needs order in order for life to run smoothly and for you to be successful. Just think, you have to be able to find something when you need it, no?  That’s obvious.  Less obvious is the impact of chaos on your creative flow.  Think about it.

Goal-Setting/Gratitude – use SMART approach; mandatory for success; for each goal find something to be grateful for.  Create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable…look up SMART for the rest of definition.

Success with creating your new powerful habit is not possible without this SMART goal-setting approach.  Likewise, being grateful for all that you already have is the only real way to attain more.

How are you doing these past 11 days with regard to these two essential habits of success?  You may not be a master in these areas as yet  however, an appreciation for their importance as well as a willingness to practice them is essential if you hope to create a new successful habit in 21 days.

**Check in tomorrow for the last three Essential Habits and the required Core Mindset of Success.**

To Your Success,



2 Responses

  1. Creating a success habit without organization, I think is litterally impossible. I believe when you start anything new you are filling some space in your life that was filled with something else. So, therefore, if you decided to do 50 jumpingjacks, you may have replaced 10 minutes of TV watching, whatever you choose to do, I’m sure you now do a couple minutes left of something else. I gave up coffee, this entailed, whoo, alot. I am not on time for work. Though, I just figured no coffee, I didn’t realize that the Dunkin Dough stop, helped hinder me to get here on time. I guess this was because the want for the coffee overpowered my need to get there on time. Well, I am glad I caught myself in time before it could have gotten worse…..Anywho, skipping the habit gave me a few more minutes for something else which was essential to my work habits….being on time…..

  2. I agree!!
    This is very interesting…that you’re now on time and the coffee was not only affecting your health, it was impacting your entire, day and work situation.

    You’re so right, we make space in our life for something better when we release a bad habit. Some goes for forgiveness.

    It’s all about creating space – and time and energy – to do what you came here to do!!

    Thanks Glynis!

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