Powerful Affirmations for Creating Success Habits

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day #10

The lovely Stephanie Bell, a member of our Success Habits in 21 Days group and known as the SpiritCoach offered to record some powerful affirmations for our use.

They’re included here for your listening.

What….did I just hear someone ask “what’s the point of saying positive stuff to myself?”

Don’t be too quick to say “Not me, I didn’t say that.”

Because even if we don’t feel this way about using affirmations,  many of us act as if we do.

If you speak in a powerful and positive way to yourself on a daily basis and you refrain from dogging and downing yourself then ♫♫♫♫ Hallelujah!! ♫♫♫♫

You must know the power of creating your own ‘success reality’  with powerful and positive thinking and speaking.

For those not convinced, just consider how well negative “I can’t” statements are working for you.    Your own negative thoughts and feelings LED to ineffective, unhelpful behaviors which LED to your ‘bad’ ineffective habits!

We must own this fact, be accountable for the habits we have today, before we can engage in successful habit creating behavior.

The fact is we create our reality with our thoughts and words.  Our words, like a pen (or knife sometimes) writes/carves messages into our psyche and onto our hearts.

What ever we think about a thing or an event is what it will become to us.

Speak love, power, peace, prosperity into your daily life and it WILL manifest.

So, please receive these affirmations, lovingly and generously put together by Stephanie and let us know about the impact on your thoughts and on your day.

There will be positive impact, if you want there to be.

Listen HERE

Until Tomorrow.

To Our Success,



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