24 Hours Without Complaining, Can You Do It?

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day #8

Yesterday morning at about 9:20 my husband and I made a commitment to each other.  We were watching Joyce Meyers give a sermon about the power of praising instead of complaining.

Almost on a dare, Joyce said it would be miraculous to go one day without murmuring or complaining – not one mutter or THOUGHT of complaint.

We took her up on her challenge.

We shook, hand on the main Bible of the house (was my mother’s) and promised to not have muttering, murmuring or complaining thoughts or words for 24 hours! (mind you, we have teenage children, businesses to run and each other to deal with!)

Now we have some experience with this as we once led a 40 Day Fast From Inauthentic Suffering which was inspired by a sermon delivered by our Pastor, Dr. Therman Evans.  Our Fast was a huge success.  All participants, even if they faltered for a moment rose to meet the challenge of finding peace in the midst of their storms, for 40 days straight.

The difference with this much shorter effort was that we were not going to have THOUGHTS of complaint…now that’s a little harder than controlling actions, behaviors and words.

Now from our Bible study, we know about the Israelites who traveled in the wilderness, around one mountain, muttering, murmuring and complaining constantly for 40 years – said to be an 11 day trip to Canaan, turned into 40 years because of their grumbling and lack of faith.

As a people, humans seem to bare this story out over the centuries and in our present culture.  Complaining does seem to come more naturally than gratitude.  Many of us  grumble about most things most of the time and some of us grumble about a few things sometimes – as I wrote this very sentence, I actually grumbled OUT LOUD about my squeaky chair being annoying!! WOW, stopped me in my tracks!

OK, so grumbling seems to come “naturally.”  How do we create a new habit while grumbling about this, that and the other?  How de we break what appears to be an ingrained habit of muttering (I know there are exceptions) about the smallest things?

Can we create any new habit while grumbling about the process?  We can, but it sure makes it tougher!

Can we create a new habit of gratitude in 21 days – which from the perspective of centuries is but the blink of an eye, with such a strong human propensity towards the opposite mindset?  ?

A resounding YES!

That’s the beauty of being human.  We do have the power of choice and the power of our will to do as we intend.  We can learn from the experience of others and we can, in an instant change our minds about something.

We have this power.  To be grateful instead of complaining, up instead of down, free instead of in bondage.

As best selling author Marianne Williamson says, a miracle is a change in thinking.  We can then create miracles all day long.

Creating a new and powerful success habit in 21 days begins with and is sustained by your thoughts.  You think grumble, grumble, lack, lack, can’t, can’t…that is what you will get.

Instead, if you think abundance, possibility and gratitude, you will have the necessary posture of success, and you will be receptive to an abundant supply of divine support.

Our day yesterday, with no grumbling and complaining – in thought or deed, was actually fun!   We decided this morning to extend it for another day – after a few minutes of some comical complaining of course.

Try it – go one whole day without one grumbling thought and watch how much more effective a constant state of gratitude will be for you as you create your new and powerful success habits.

Twenty-four hours, can you handle it? 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Oh this one is always SO hard. But when you do it, it feels *awesome*.

  2. Have you tried the techniques described in Complaint Free World? It sounds like the extended dance remix of the exercise you mention in this entry, and was surprisingly difficult the first day I tried it. I believe it’s worth it, though, and like any other exercise, takes practice. You can find out more about the book (and the bracelet) at http://www.acomplaintfreeworld.org/

  3. I used to judge whiners and complainers because I have never been a complainer. But what I’m really good at is worrying. So, I eventually realized I should not be judging the complainers while I was busy worrying. I think people are either complainers or worriers, but usually not both. Neither is a faith-based, winning proposition. Something to ponder…

    Sincerely, Randy Peyser,

  4. Thanks Tinu! So true.

    Jody, yes I have – saw it featured on Oprah – will go to site for more current info on the effort. Thanks for link.
    I actually found it more challenging the second day…it sure is a matter of practice.

    Randy Hi! You’re so right! Neither is faith based. I’m still working on that worrying thing! Thanks for the comment, come again! 🙂

  5. Great article and an interesting challenge. While on the subject of challenge and 40 days, I would like to share another challenge that I recently experienced. The 40-Day Fast From Wrong Thinking by Gregory Dickow, a Pastor in the Chicago area. There ar two phases to this, making it an 80 Day challenge. Go to http://www.changinglives.org to check it out further. It’s helped me to be more grateful for God had brought in my life and to use what I already have to better myself as a person.

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