What You Practice You Become

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day # 5

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out…Robert Collier

One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks. — Malcom S. Forbes

Successful men and women become successful because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success. Get the success habit in the small circumstances you control, and soon you’ll be controlling the bigger ones. —Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill dubbed the Success Habit in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich. Hill wrote of being inspired by industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who believed anyone could achieve success by “a simple formula” of duplicating effective behaviors.

There are several key words in this sentence and you can decide which one resonates most deeply with you.  “Duplicating” is my word.

What that means to me is this: what I do everyday I will create or what I practice I become.

With this in mind, as I went to sleep last night and as I woke up this morning, I knew I had to post a blog today NO MATTER WHAT.   I know, it’s the weekend, my Saturday mornings are jammed pack (right now I’m trying to get to a 10 a.m. prayer at church,) and you may not even appreciate receiving a blog to read on a Saturday….but I HAD to post a blog!

Why?  Because I am building a habit of daily blogging and ALL expert opinions and research says that CONSISTENCY is the key to building a success habit.

You know what, it goes further than that. I believe that consistency is the key no matter what kind of habit you’re creating…you may not be intentionally  building a bad or ineffective habit BUT it is what you’re doing.

WHAT EVER you practice for 21 days straight will be your new habit.

You practice inconsistency, that’s what you’ll get.  Practice the habit the way you want it to manifest.

So, will you commit to a successful habit-creating strategy based on consistency?  Or, will you create a habit of inconsistency, stop and start, take action when you feel like it?

I know you want the former.  Do you want it badly enough to be consistent, even on the weekend?

I obviously decided to go for consistency.  What will you do? (this would be a great moment to reflect on why this habit is so important to you 🙂 )

Until tomorrow (yes Sunday!)

To Our Success,


P.S. leave a comment, tell us what you decided and why?


7 Responses

  1. I encourage you to leave a short comment about your success or challenge with Days 1 through 5.

    I absolutely know that someone needs to hear from you.

    Have a magnificent day!!

  2. Well Julette — ** I ** needed to hear what you felt compelled to write this morning. I never actually did sit down and come up with action steps for the success habit I am creating. I figured it was something I’ve been working on anyway and I “knew” what I needed to. But after reading your post today I realized that specific focus is exactly what I need so that the doubt doesn’t creep in the back door. I will say I noticed it this morning and perhaps that’s all the more reason I needed to read your post today. God has more in mind for me than self-doubt and fear — those are not qualities He recognizes because they are man-made. Today I commit to writing down 3-5 guidelines towards my new successful habit and monitoring them throughout each of the remaining days.

    Thank you Julette. You are an awesome blessing!

    With Infinite Love & Gratitude,

    Stephanie Bell the Spirit Coach

  3. It’s been coming along so far, so good. Although I will admit that I have overslept a couple of days, but rather than beat myself up for it, I simplycontnued on my day. Waking up 30-40 minutes after your intended goal is not the end of the world. We live in an imperfect world… sometimes it’s a struggle just getting started, and I have found that everytime i make improvements in my life, there is opposition on every end. The trick is to really be consistent in overcomeing those demons

    Today, I got up on schedule @ 5:30 AM. I even set out on other habits in my life that need to be broken –setting boundaries with people, especially when it comes to unexpected phone calls while I’m occupied. I’ll let you know in the days to come how I’m handling that.

    Julette, you are a gift from God. Have a blessed day!:)

  4. Thank You Lauren and Stephanie!

    You have no idea how blessed I was…and I know, others were, by your comments.

    You are two courageous and wonderful women and I’m blessed to know you.

    With Love, Julette

  5. Julette, all I can say is that i am a work in progress. I have three children, two of which are 3 and 4 years old. You can imagine all the obsticles I run into when trying to get my walk in. My goal is 20-30 minutes a day but I am glad if I just get to walk any. I take them with me sometimes to the park or walk around my complex. I have come to the conclusion that if it is going to take me walking in increments to get to my goal then be it. Julette thank you for all your positive words and to let you know I dont always get to read on a daily basis but I am trying to read as much as I can.

  6. Girl we are ALL a work in progress!! ☺

    As I shared with you by email – with 3 children, 2 practically toddlers, you are doing great to be even making this effort!

    Small increments is a fantastic strategy – that works!

    Time for you is essential for every other activity in your life, so this is a very smart habit to develop.

    You are Very Welcome!!

  7. Julette, “Would You Let Somebody Talk to You This Way?” is a powerful article. When I got down to the part where you asked why we speak negatively to ourselves, I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I thought you were speaking about others talking bad to us. You flipped it. That’s hot. I never quite thought about the way you did. I feel blessed to have this new perspective. It helps me to really process what negative self talk does to you. You held up the mirror. With this new perspective I will be more aware of when I may engage in this behaviour. Thank you.

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