Which of these Success Habits are YOU working on?

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day # 3

Hello Successful Habit Makers!

It’s day #3 of our 21 day habit-creating journey and I thought you’d like to know what everyone in our group  is working on.

I wasn’t able to request permission from everyone about releasing their name/habit so I’ll be sharing the habits, not the name.  How’s that?

This program is seriously life-changing.  Each of you is working on a habit that can literally lead to a breakthrough.  So take a look at the range of success habits: I trust and hope that the general ones have gotten fine tuned as you shared with accountability partners.  It is very difficult, close to impossible to “work” on something that’s undefined and too general.  The more specific the “easier” it is to make a reality.
Here they are:

  • Stop smoking, walk instead
  • Stop caffeine addiction, replace with water and fruit
  • Wake up at 5:30 and work out
  • Wake up earlier (various times) and read Bible  – several people
  • Work out/walk for 30 minutes daily
  • Record food intake to monitor cholesterol
  • Establish a bedtime ritual
  • Believe in self with whole heart – self-confidence
  • Increase focus and strength
  • Change thoughts of frustration to ones of gratitude – record for review
  • Reduce workload, schedule better
  • Stop procrastination, replace with daily action – several people
  • Spend more time on music and creativity
  • Work on 1 organizing project or area per day – several people
  • Prioritize better, be more organized – several people
  • No yelling at children! Be more at peace
  • Stop worry
  • Completion of projects (complete what is started) – several people
  • Loose weight
  • Daily blogging by noon (EST)

Now, I’d like you to just linger a moment over each habit and visualize the impact of success on a person’s life.  I’m sure you know someone who could benefit from acquiring that habit.  Imagine how that particular person would benefit.  It’s so important to use the power of visualizing as specifically and with as much detail as possible. Go ahead, do it now….look at each habit listed and visualize…

Do you see what I mean about how these habits can be life-changing?  Isn’t it worth it to you to give this program your highest and best effort?   I urge you to get involved, actively with the process.

If your desired new success habit doesn’t have a quantity or frequency stated in it, it’s probably too vague.   Take the opportunity here to make it more specific.  We will all benefit from the increased specificity.

Congratulations to each of the of PH 21 group – 3 days of doing something new and powerful takes courage and love! You must love yourself, your life’s purpose and your loved ones to be this committed to excellence.  BRAVO!!

Until Tomorrow.

To Your Success,

Julette Millien


3 Responses

  1. This 21 day program is a fantastic way to get to know my Facebook friends better too! Another benefit!

    Can you take on of the more general habits listed above and make it more action based and specific?

    For example:
    “loose weight” into “keep track of food intake daily, walk daily”

    Something like that…

  2. Something happened this afternoon that just struck me like a lightning blot! On my way home from work I told my wife that our son’s conscience must be particularly clear last few days. Guess what I JUST realized? It’s not him it’s ME!!!! Since starting this challenge – my goal is not to yell at my kids for 21 days – I am more peaceful!! Woo hoo! 🙂

  3. My two habits are waking at 7:00 am to read at least one chapter of the bible and walking for at least 30 minutes per day. I have been doing well with both habits. Yet, I can do better.

    I have not been getting up at exactly 7:00 am but no later than 7:15 mostly because my wife wakes me up because she knows what I am doing. Second, my walking has not always been 30 consecituve minutes. During my son’s football practice I walk and my routine has been broken up a few times because he wanted me to stop walking and give his practice my full attention. SO I sometimes walk for 15 minutes at the park and then 15 minutes on the treeadmill at home.

    Reading all you guys comments and sincerity has been inspiring and encouraging.

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