Successful Habits in 21 Days – Day 2

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  ( PH 21)  Day # 2

Hello Successful Habit Makers!

It’s day #2 of our 21 day habit-creating journey and I have a confession.  I’m creating a habit and I haven’t told you guys about it!

So in the interest of full disclosure and walking the talk, here it is:

I will be posting a blog entry each day by noon (EST) for the duration of our program.

This will require tremendous discipline.  My new habit will be: early morning writing, no matter what is going on! Yikes! I’m now committed!

Now this will require certain adjustments in order to happen. Here are some of them: earlier bedtime and rising; morning prayer and meditation earlier than usual; agreements with family members to honor my ‘do not disturb’ requests; sketching out idea for blog the evening before; and, making myself write even when I don’t “feel” like it!  That last one will be the challenge!

What adjustments do you have to make with your schedule, emotions and life to create your powerful new success habit?  How badly do you want/need it?  Enough to make the adjustments?

If day 2 was a success for you – you took the action steps you said you would – CONGRATULATIONS!!  Build on that accomplishment.

If you can do it once, you can do it 20 more times!

If day 2 was not a successful start for you, start over today. Forgive yourself or anyone else that impacted you and move on.  It’s a new day and it’s your choice.  Let a bad moment hold you back from your magnificence or choose to drop the baggage and press on?  Read your gain/loose statement (day 1 assignment.)  Visualize your success and move on.

I made an entry (very short) yesterday to another blog about  our adventure together and traveling light, take a look here

Until tomorrow.

To Your Magnificent Success,
Julette Millien


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